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أوبي (romanized as Obi) is the Arabic dub of Oobi.


The dub first aired on Nickelodeon Arabia in 2009. It continued to air regularly until 2011, when the channel closed. It was one of three Nick Jr. shows in the network's lineup, along with Wonder Pets and Dora the Explorer.

Promos and commercials for the dub used a "cut-out craft" style. Before every episode, Nick Arabia played a quick pre-show opening where a hand pastes a cut-out photo of Oobi on a pad of construction paper.


Localized logo

The title cards are left in English, but the opening logo is localized to feature Oobi's Arabic name. The Arabic voice cast is added to the bottom of the ending credits, leaving the rest in English.

Voice cast:

Character(s) Actor
Oobi (أوبي) TBA
Uma (أوما) TBA
Kako (كاكو) TBA
Grampu (الجد) TBA


All of the long-form episodes were dubbed in Arabic. As with most dubs, the shorts weren't dubbed or shown on Nick Arabia.

Theme song

The Arabic theme is close to an exact translation of the original opening song.


أوبي مثلي
اوبي مثلك
اوبي لديه الكثير من الأشياء للقيام به
أوما أخت
إنه طويل القامة ، إنها قصيرة
كاكو أفضل صديق
الجد يحبهم جميعا
اه اوبي! اوبي ، اوبي ، اوبي ، اوبي ، اوبي
الكثير لنرى
الكثير ليفعله
وأوبي دائما معك

Oobi is like me
Oobi is like you
Oobi has a lot of things to do
Uma, sister
He's tall, she's short
Kako, best friend
Grampu loves all of them
Ah, Oobi! Oobi, Oobi, Oobi, Oobi, Oobi!
Lots to see
Lots to do
And Oobi is always with you


Many episodes and clips of the Arabic dub can be watched online.

Episodes and clips:



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