小手乌比 (English translation: Little Hand Oobi) is the Standard Mandarin dub of Oobi.


The dub aired on HaHa Nick, a block of Nickelodeon shows on the channel SMG. It premiered on May 2, 2005, one day after the block launched. (source) For the first few months, episodes usually aired once every weekday at 9:00 AM. (source)

According to archived forum posts from October 2005, reruns of the show eventually started playing at 17:00 (5:00 PM) every weekday instead. (source)

To promote the dub, Chinese versions of four Oobi flash games—Music, Draw, Animals, and Bubbles—were made for SMG's website. The audio was recorded and edited at Tooncool Digital, a studio in Shanghai. (source) The games featured the same sprites and controls as their English counterparts, but Oobi's Mandarin voice actor dubbed over all of the dialogue. These versions can still be played on an archive of the SMG site here.


Little Hand Oobi (小手乌比) logo

Localized logo

Uma's lines were dubbed by Hong Haitian, a prolific voice artist who has worked on many Chinese versions of foreign shows. As of 2015, she still considers Uma one of her favorite dub roles, and she calls her work on Oobi one of her "masterworks." (source)

Since there is currently no footage of the credits online, it is unknown who dubbed Oobi's lines. However, his Chinese voice can be heard very clearly in HaHa Nick's flash game dubs (example).

Voice cast:

Character(s) Actor
Oobi TBA
Uma Hong Haitian
Kako TBA
Grampu TBA

Official description

From SMG: 乌比是一只小手,乌比的一家是一群小手。在这极富创意的小手剧场中看蒲爷爷 的慈爱、无比的聪明、乌玛的可爱和 可可的俏皮… 场景会从剧场推到幼儿园里 这里有更专业的学龄前教育等着你哦。节目最后还会有互动的游戏, 不但有得看,而且有的玩。 就让你的小手也一起来乌比!乌比吧!! (source)
Translation: Oobi is a small hand, and his family is a group of hands. In this creative show of hands, see Grandpa's kindness, Oobi's cleverness, Uma's cuteness, and Kako's playfulness. The sets range from a theater to a preschool. There is a unique learning experience waiting for you! There will always be interactive games at the end of the show, so you do not only watch, but also play. Let your little hands become Oobi together! Oobi!
Little Hand Oobi (小手乌比) show page

The show page for the dub


All of the long-form episodes were dubbed in Mandarin. As with most dubs, the shorts weren't aired or dubbed over. A few of the episodes' original air dates can be found on SMG's schedule archive.

Known premiere dates:

Air date / source Episodes
May 2, 2005 (source) Uma Bathroom! / Uma Swing!
May 3, 2005 Grampu Day! / New Friend!
May 4, 2005 (source) Dance Class! / Oobi's Car!
May 5, 2005 (source) Make Pizza! / Haircut!
May 6, 2005 (source) Make Art! / Make Music!
May 16, 2005 (source) Garden Day! / Sleepover!
May 17, 2005 (source) Showtime! / Build Fort!
May 18, 2005 (source) Camp Out! / Pretend Circus!
May 19, 2005 (source) Uma's Birthday! / Petting Zoo!

Theme song

Little Hand Oobi (小手乌比) theme song printable

Theme song lyrics, taken from HaHa Nick's website

The Chinese theme has similar lyrics to the original opening song, but there are two notable changes. Kako and Grampu's parts are cut, and unique lyrics are added to the end about Oobi "traveling the world" and "having many dreams." HaHa Nick featured a print-out page of the song lyrics on their website. (source)



Oobi is like me
Oobi is like you
Oobi has many good friends just like you
Uma is small and mischievous
He is smart and curious
They are very happy because they are together every day
He travels the world
And has many dreams
Everyone is always together
Little Hand Oobi!



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