Amy is a minor character on Oobi.


Amy is a deaf girl who guest stars in the "Sign Language!" episode. She uses hand signals to communicate with others. She lives with her mom, who knows a great deal about sign language. Oobi and Kako seem to have something of a crush on her.

When Oobi and Kako go to the park to play with their cup-ball toy, they have trouble figuring out how to use it. Amy walks over to them without saying a word. The boys wave and introduce themselves, expecting her to do the same. When she doesn't, they get confused. Amy takes the cup-ball and shows them how to play. Without saying anything, she demonstrates that it just takes a deep breath and some concentration to play. Impressed, Oobi and Kako go to tell Grampu about their new friend, calling her the "cup-ball queen." Grampu asks for her name, and they realize they never learned it.

When Grampu sees Amy using signs to talk with her mom, he explains to Oobi and Kako that she is deaf. He teaches them how to sign "hello," and they excitedly rush over to Amy to say hi. When they do, Amy's mom tells them that her name is Amy. She helps Oobi and Kako learn a few more signs so that they can tell Amy their names. Later, Amy makes the sign for "friend" with Oobi and Kako, and she plays a game of tag with them.


Amy is a small hand puppet with fair skin. She has light blue eyes identical to Uma's and wears a blonde wig, pulled into a ponytail by a pink hair elastic. Her overall look is very similar to Paula's.



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