Oobi Angus Noggin TV Show Character

Name Angus
Species Hand puppet
Gender Male
First Appearance "Halloween!"

Angus is a recurring character on Oobi. He is performed by Matt Vogel.


Angus could be described as the polar opposite of Oobi. While Oobi is calm and collected, Angus is high-strung and almost always nervous. His eyes are underneath his hand, unlike most other characters, making him somewhat self-conscious. He is prone to stage fright and often needs his friends to calm him down. Despite his overly fearful manner, Angus does quite well under pressure; he is known for stealing the show whenever the neighborhood puts on a stage play, and he has played the piano perfectly in front of a large audience.


Angus has fair skin and pink fingernails. He has a pair of light blue eyes, which are curiously under his fingers rather than above them. He usually wears some kind of accessory, like a hat or a bow tie.


Angus appears in four episodes of Oobi:


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