Angus is a recurring character on Oobi. He is one of Inka's piano students and a good friend of Oobi. He was played by Matt Vogel.


Angus is a nerdy kid with a high-pitched, nasal voice. He lives on the same street as Oobi and Kako, and he is good friends with them. He could be described as the polar opposite of Oobi. While Oobi is calm and collected, Angus is high-strung and almost always nervous. His eyes are underneath his hand, unlike most other characters, making him self-conscious. He is prone to stage fright and often needs his friends to calm him down.

Despite his nervousness, Angus does very well under pressure. He is known for stealing the show whenever the neighborhood puts on a stage play, and he has played the piano perfectly in front of a big audience.

Angus was played by Matt Vogel, who also played a few one-off characters, like Ray and the astronaut.


Angus is an average-sized hand puppet with fair skin. He has a pair of light blue eyes, which are under his fingers rather than above them. When he closes his fist to do a "thumbs-up," his eyes are completely hidden, making him look like a normal hand. Angus usually wears an accessory, like a hat or a bow tie.


Angus appears in four episodes:



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