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"Asparagus!" is an episode of Oobi from the first season.


Uma doesn't want to try asparagus, so Grampu and Oobi pretend it's a train, a tree, and even make it disappear with a magic trick. She still won't eat it. Oobi convinces Uma to take a small taste and she discovers she likes it a lot!ABC Television


Oobi is playing with his toy car when Grampu tells him that it is time for dinner, and he tells him to ring a bell to call Uma. He does this along with the viewers, only for Uma to storm into the living room and knock Oobi over.

Oobi and Uma walk to the kitchen, where Grampu gives them chicken, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Oobi loves each of the foods, but Uma has never heard of asparagus. At first, she has trouble pronouncing the word, but after Oobi helps her out, she won't stop saying it. The kids eat their food and Grampu asks if they liked it. A camera pan reveals that Uma has not touched any of the asparagus on her plate. When asked why, she explains that she doesn't want to eat it because it's something new. Oobi and Grampu try to convince her that it tastes delicious.

Grampu tries to make asparagus interesting by pretending it is a train loading into a station. Uma refuses, shouting "Station closed!" as she shuts her mouth. Oobi holds a stalk of asparagus up and pretends it is a tree. Oobi eats the "tree" and asks Uma to do the same. She plants them in her mashed potatoes instead. Grampu gets the idea to perform a magic trick with the asparagus by hovering over it, saying "Hocus pocus," and eating the asparagus as quickly as he can. Uma wants to try, so she hovers over a stalk of asparagus, chants "Hocus pocus,” and runs away quickly, claiming she has disappeared.

Grampu cleans up all of the plates, with the exception of Uma's. He has given up, but Oobi has not. Oobi comes up with a foolproof plan. He asks her to look at the asparagus, then touch it, and then give it a kiss. She finds this funny, so she does it. While kissing it, she accidentally gets a taste. She loves it and eats every stalk. Grampu asks Uma if she wants dessert, but she declines and asks for more asparagus.

In an interview segment, Kako asks the viewers what their favorite foods are. In one segment, a girl introduces Kako to carrots, and he eats a whole bowl of them. Afterwards, Oobi calls Uma into the kitchen again for dessert. There are three foods on the table: grapes, an apple, and a banana. He gets the idea to play a memory game with the fruit. After a couple rounds, Uma asks to hide the fruit and for Oobi to guess. Oobi guesses the apple correctly, only to reveal only a core left. He looks over at Uma, who tries to look around nonchalantly, only to hiccup and reveal it was her who ate the apple. The episode ends.




Oobi - Asparagus!

Oobi - Asparagus!


  • On the fridge in the background, Oobi and Uma's names are spelled out in magnets.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Oobi is seen playing with his toy car for the first time. It plays an important role in the later episode "Oobi's Car!"
  • Uma's habit of mispronouncing large words (like "asparagus") is introduced here. It becomes a recurring theme.


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