The astronaut is a minor character on Oobi.


The astronaut is an adult hand puppet who works at a far-away space station. He only appears at the end of the "Grown-Up!" episode, when he walks by Oobi's house. He floats up and down as if he were on the moon. Grampu is in awe at the astronaut and thinks he's cool. Oobi, on the other hand, isn't impressed and insists that kids are cooler than grown-ups, even astronauts. The astronaut doesn't have any lines but can be heard

The astronaut was played by Matt Vogel, who also played Angus.


The astronaut is a fair-skinned hand puppet with dark brown eyes, similar to Oobi's. He wears a white spacesuit with a gold star emblem on the front. He also wears a translucent yellow helmet attached to an oxygen tank.



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