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"Babysitter!" is an episode of Oobi from season three.


When Grampu and Inka go out for an evening of polka dancing, Oobi and Uma have to get used to their new babysitter, a friendly teenager named Randy.NickJr.com (source)


Oobi is reading a board book in the living room while Uma plays with some blocks. Uma tells Oobi that she's building a house for her doll. Grampu greets the kids and helps Uma build her block house. Uma notices that he's wearing a purple bow tie, and Grampu explains that it's for his night out with Inka. He is planning to go polka dancing at the nightclub. Grampu does a little dance, and Uma asks if she can come to dance with him and Inka at the nightclub. Unfortunately, he says that only adults will be at the dance, and that he's hired a babysitter to take care of the kids. Uma is upset.

Grampu hears the doorbell ring and answers it. A teenager named Randy walks inside and greets the family. He gives Oobi a "high-five" and tries to do one with Uma, too, but she refuses. Moments later, a car horn honks as Inka calls Grampu from outside, asking him to join her. He rushes to her after saying "goodbye" to the kids. Oobi invites Randy to read his board book from earlier. Randy gives Oobi the nickname "Oobi-Dude" and tries to make Uma feel better. He offers to help Uma with her block house, but Uma says no. Randy gives Uma some space and starts a guessing game with Oobi. He acts like different animals, then acts like Grampu.

Uma can't help but laugh at Randy's impression. Randy pretends to have a conversation with Uma's doll and dances the polka with it, eventually winning Uma over. She gives him the nickname "Randy-Candy" and plays another guessing game with Oobi. Randy tells the kids that it's time for bed. While Oobi and Uma get ready, an interview segment plays. It involves Kako asking kids about their babysitters. The next scene shows Randy singing the "Rockabye Lullaby" song to Oobi and Uma. Grampu returns as he sings. Oobi says "goodbye" to Randy and to the viewers as the episode ends.




  • Inka is mentioned and heard off-screen, but she never appears physically. This is because Stephanie D'Abruzzo (the performer of both Inka and Uma) could only play one character at a time. Since Uma is featured throughout the whole episode, the writers had to limit Inka to an off-screen cameo.
  • This episode is Kevin Clash's biggest role on the show. He also played background characters in a few other episodes.
  • The chicken costume Oobi wears was first used as Uma's outfit in "Uma Chicken!".
  • Christopher North Renquist was the composer for the "Rockabye Lullaby" song.
  • In 2016, this episode was shown to the cast of Right Hand Guy, a failed Disney Channel pilot that featured Oobi-style hand puppets. The creator, Dan Lagana, screened this episode so the actors would be familiar with the hand movements. (source)
  • Randy uses simplified versions of phrases at certain points in the episode, such as "Your way, have it" (instead of "Have it your way") and "In bed, last one, rotten egg!" (instead of "Last one [to arrive somewhere] is a rotten egg!").


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