The barber is a minor character on Oobi.


The barber is the friendly, hard-working, and mostly quiet owner of the local hair salon. He is a very skilled hair stylist and takes pride in his work. He has a gruff voice, but he doesn't speak very often.

He only appears in the "Haircut!" episode, where Grampu takes Oobi for his first-ever haircut. The barber shows Oobi a wall of photos, each one picturing a different hairstyle. Oobi says "no" to all of them and says that he'd prefer to have hair like Grampu—in other words, none at all. The barber takes Oobi's request and gives him a perfect shave. In the end, Oobi loves his haircut, and the barber cleans up his shop, satisfied to serve another happy customer.

The barber was played by Noel MacNeal, who also played Kako.


The barber's eyes are light blue. He has tanned skin, grayish white hair, and a bushy white moustache. He wears a light blue coat over a white shirt with faint blue stripes.



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