Bella is a recurring character on Oobi. She is the owner of the local grocery store. She was played by Lisa Buckley.


Bella is the owner and only employee of the fruit store. It is similar to a supermarket, but it only sells fruit. Bella does every job: stocking the shelves, working the cash register, and of course, cleaning up when someone makes a mess in one of the aisles. Grampu is her best customer and good friend. Bella talks with a thick Italian accent.

In "Shopping!", Oobi and Kako come with Grampu to visit Bella's shop for the first time. They mess around with the scale and make a pile of oranges fall everywhere. Grampu teaches them about respecting other people's property, and they apologize to Bella. She is very understanding and helps them pay for their food.

In "Theater!", Bella watches the kids put on a play in the park. In the middle of the show, it's revealed that she carries fruit with her at all times, no matter where she is. She offers Grampu some grapes and hands him a whole bunch.


Bella is a short hand puppet with fair skin. She has blue eyes and wears a short black wig. Her fingers are curled in a fist position. She wears a white shirt and a green apron while working at her store. When she's not working, she wears the same shirt but doesn't have the apron.


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