"Bubble Bath!" is one of the Oobi shorts.


Oobi and Kako are taking a bubble bath and playing with floating toys in the tub. Kako gives Oobi a pair of "ears" made of soap bubbles and pretends that he is a rabbit: "Oobi, rabbit." Oobi hops around and laughs. He then covers Kako in some bubbles and says he is a monster: "Kako, monster." Kako spreads out his fingers and makes monster noises. Kako gives Oobi a bubble beard and a bubble mustache and pretends he is a grown-up.

Oobi acts like an adult by raising his head up high and humming in a deep voice. Oobi picks up a towel, washes the bubbles off of Kako with it, and announces "Kako, best friend." Kako is flattered and says "Aww. Oobi, best friend." He takes the towel and scrubs the bubbles off of Oobi. They sigh and look off into the distance as the episode ends.




Oobi - Bubble Bath!

Oobi - Bubble Bath!


  • In Canada, this short premiered on TVOntario on May 25, 2004. (source)
  • This short is included as a special feature on the Blue's Clues DVD "Blue Takes You to School".
    • In 2015, the DVD was repackaged as part of a multi-video pack called "Get Clued Into School". The back cover lists the short as "Oobi: Bathtub".
  • The scene where Oobi has "bubble ears" is featured in the original opening theme for the shorts.
  • had an online game based on this short. In the game, players could click and drag their mouse to draw bubbles on Oobi. It was available from 2002 to 2009, and it can still be played through this archive.


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