The businessperson is a minor character on Oobi.


The businessperson is an unnamed office worker. She only appears for a few seconds in the "Grown-Up!" episode. She is seen walking by Oobi's house. She has a bluetooth on and talks quickly and loudly about her job:

"Meeting, meeting, work, business. Lunch, lunch, lunch! Business, work, meeting."

Grampu seems annoyed by the businessperson, but Oobi thinks she's cool. Later in the episode, Oobi, Uma, and Kako decide to dress up as businesspeople. They take out a stack of notepaper and begin shuffling it randomly. Uma talks excitedly on a cell phone as Oobi and Kako get carried away trying to organize their notes. Oobi tries to talk on the phone as well, but things soon become chaotic with paper flying everywhere. Oobi and Kako fall down and realize that businesspeople are not as cool as they had thought.

The businessperson was played by Jennifer Barnhart, who also played Mrs. Johnson. Barnhart is a left-handed puppeteer, making the businessperson one of the show's few left-handed characters.


The businessperson is a fair-skinned hand puppet with light green eyes. She wears a faded pink coat and a blonde wig, pulled into a ponytail with an orange scrunchie. She has a bluetooth between her fingers.


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