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About the shorts

Oobi didn't premiere as a long-form TV show until 2003. It first aired in 2000 as a series of two-minute interstitial shorts. These were played during commercial breaks on Noggin and Nick Jr.

The shorts are similar to a pilot episode: they were a "test run" of the show's concept, so their look and feel is noticeably different from the full-length show. The shorts have simpler stories, less dialogue, and smaller, more realistic sets than the main show. The puppet designs were also bare-bones: aside from their glass eyes, none of the puppets had any accessories.

48 different shorts are known. Since most of them haven't had an official release, it is hard to find them in good quality online. Many of them haven't been found in full, and some are missing entirely. Read about the shorts below or use the navbox!

Oobi behind the scenes - Oobi, Uma and Grampu

A production photo from "Prince Oobi!", one of the early shorts.

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