Chauncy is a minor character on Oobi.


Chauncy only appears in the "Checkup!" episode. He is one of Dr. Rose's patients. When Oobi goes to visit Dr. Rose for the first time, he sees Chauncy leaving her office. Chauncy tells Oobi that the doctor is nice. Chauncy's mom signals for him to leave, and he walks out of the waiting room. Chauncy seems to have a runny nose, since he can be heard sniffling while he talks. He most likely visited Dr. Rose for a checkup related to a cold or allergies.

Noel MacNeal played Chauncy. His look and voice are very similar to Fred, another one-off character played by Noel.


Chauncy wears a curly blond wig. He has blue-green eyes and dark skin. His skin tone is noticeably different from his mother's; her skin is much lighter.



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