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"Checkup!" is an episode of Oobi from season three.


Oobi goes to see his pediatrician, Dr. Rose, for a check-up. Oobi is nervous at first, but the doctor's quirky, funny personality helps puts Oobi at ease.NickJr.com (source)


Oobi is in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal called "Toasty Chunks." He starts singing the cereal's jingle, but he's interrupted by Grampu, who is taking Oobi to his doctor's office. Oobi is nervous at first and asks if he's sick. Grampu assures him that he's not sick and that it's just a routine checkup. They walk into the waiting room, where Oobi sees a bead maze toy. He plays with it for a while before a young boy named Chauncy walks up to him. Chauncy has just met the doctor, Dr. Rose. He tells Oobi that she's very friendly.

Dr. Rose says hi to Oobi and invites him into her office. Oobi looks at the colorful walls, which are decorated with pictures of sea animals. Dr. Rose asks Oobi about his diet. He tells her about his favorite foods: vegetables, spaghetti, pizza, and cake. The doctor tells him that it's okay to have pizza and cake sometimes, but he should make sure it's all in moderation. Later, Dr. Rose asks about Oobi's siblings and tells him that she has a brother of her own. The next scene is an interview segment, where Uma pretends to be a doctor and asks kids about their doctors.

The scene cuts back to Oobi, who is being weighed by Dr. Rose. Afterwards, Dr. Rose checks Oobi's eyes and ears. Finally, Dr. Rose has to give him a shot. Naturally, Oobi is scared at first. He decides to be brave and take it. After the shot is over, Oobi asks when it's supposed to start. Grampu explains that he didn't even feel it, and that the checkup is over. Back in the waiting room, Oobi tells Moppie about Dr. Rose. Just like Oobi was before, Moppie is afraid of getting a checkup. Oobi insists that she has nothing to be afraid of. Oobi says "goodbye" to Dr. Rose and the viewers as the episode ends.




Production photos


  • According to data on the production photos for this episode, it was filmed on January 27, 2004.
  • Uma doesn't appear in the main story, but she is mentioned when Dr. Rose asks Oobi if he has any siblings.
  • This episode marks the debut of Moppie, who becomes one of Uma's friends in "Uma Preschool!".
  • Dr. Rose's computer looks like a PowerBook G4, made by Apple in the early 2000s, although its operating system looks more similar to Windows XP.
  • This is the first long-form episode where Kako is completely absent.
  • During the interviews, Uma repeats, "Hope it doesn't hurt" when she needs to get a shot. The second time she says it, she adds an "I" to the beginning, making it "I hope it doesn't hurt" instead. This is possibly the only time that one of the puppets actually uses a first-person pronoun.


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