Oobi Inka Interview Segment

Names Various
Species Humans
Genders Female and male
First Appearance "Camp Out!"

The children are minor characters in Oobi.


The children appear in interview segments along with the puppet characters, as well as in the series' end credits. Most of the children are preschool-aged, although some are in around elementary school. The children generally answer questions or tell stories relating to a given episode's topic. Although the children never appear outside of the interview segments, humans in general are visible in the episode "Chopsticks!", where they appear in photographs in the hall of the Chinese restaurant, along with hand puppets.


The physical appearances of the children vary. They are all much taller than the puppets.


Children appear in every full-length episode of Oobi. They appeared first in "Camp Out!" and last in "Superheroes!"


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