The Chinese restaurant is one of the buildings in Oobi's neighborhood. It is the main setting of the "Chopsticks!" episode.


It is a restaurant with Chinese-style food and decor. It serves shrimp, egg rolls, dumplings, rice, and even jellyfish. Chopsticks are given to each customer. Nick is the restaurant's waiter.

In the "Chopsticks!" episode, Grampu takes Oobi and Uma here for dinner. Nick greets them and gives them menus. Grampu orders shrimp, Oobi orders an egg roll, and Uma orders dumplings. While they wait for their orders, they look at a wall of photos from Beijing.


The interior of the restaurant is red. At the back, there are curtains with a gold leaf pattern on them. There are several sets of tables and chairs for customers. On the left side of the building, there is a hallway of photos from Beijing.



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