"Clean Room" is a song from the "Clean Up!" episode. It was written and composed by Christopher North.

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  • Kako: Sock here.
  • Oobi: Hat there.
  • Uma: Uma dust everywhere!
  • Kako: Here, plant.
  • Oobi: There, boot.
  • Uma: Ooh! Dust bunny! Cute!
  • All: Clean room, clean room. Clean, clean room!
  • Kako: Truck, here.
  • Uma: Duck, there.
  • Oobi: Oobi clean everywhere!
  • Kako: Smelly sock.
  • Oobi: Old shoe.
  • Uma: Dusty dust. A-choo!
  • Kako: Bouncy ball.
  • Oobi: Stuffed mice.
  • Uma: Uma make room nice!
  • All: Clean room, clean room. Clean, clean room!
  • Oobi: Books, here.
  • Kako: Toys, there.
  • Uma: Clean room everywhere!
  • All: Clean room, clean room!
  • Kako: Clean.
  • Uma: Clean.
  • Oobi: Clean.
  • All: Clean room!


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