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"Clean Up!" is an episode of Oobi from season three.


Oobi's room is a mess. Grampu asks him to clean his room before he can go out and play. After some hesitation, Uma and Kako decide that if they work together and help Oobi, they can get the cleaning done quickly and then enjoy the beautiful day together.NickJr.com (source)


Oobi is sleeping in his room, which is a complete mess. Toys and clothes are scattered across the floor. Grampu walks in, trips on a rubber ball, and tries to wake Oobi up. He can't do it by himself, so he asks the viewers to help by calling Oobi's name. Oobi gets out of bed and says "good morning" to Grampu. He looks out the window and admires the beautiful day. He's about to play outside when Grampu stops him, explaining that Oobi needs to clean his room first. Oobi looks at the mess and agrees that it needs to be picked up. Uma walks over, holding a feather duster. She shows Oobi that her side of the room is spotless and hands him the feather duster.

While Oobi cleans up, Grampu appears in an interview segment, talking about cleaning and dusting. The next scene shows Oobi organizing his toys, books, and socks into neat piles. He asks Uma to help, but she would rather play outside, so she tells Oobi to help himself. Oobi then asks the viewers to help him put different things in each pile. He's interrupted by Kako, who wants to come over and play. Grampu tells Kako that Oobi needs to finish cleaning his room first. Kako decides to join Uma outside, but first, he borrows a ball from Oobi's room.

Kako and Uma try to play, but the two of them are bored without Oobi. They plan to help Oobi clean his room and turn it into a musical game. They sing the "Clean Room" song as they clean together. When the song ends, they ask Grampu to inspect their job. He's impressed and tells the kids to enjoy themselves outside. Oobi waves "goodbye" to the viewers as he runs to the backyard to play.




  • In this episode, Kako wears a baseball cap instead of his usual knitted hat.
  • A few props from past episodes can be seen among all the clutter:
  • A blanket, a green pillow, and a dinosaur figure are seen on Oobi's bed at the beginning of the episode. They are never shown being put away, but they disappear by the end of the "Clean Room" song.
  • Oobi is revealed to have many socks in his room, despite not having a use for them.


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