"Dance!" is one of the Oobi shorts.


Grampu brings a boombox outside, and each of the kids gets a turn to dance along to the music. Oobi is the first to take a turn. He dances to an upbeat tropical tune by swinging his fingers back and forth. He invites the viewers to dance along with him: "Oobi dance, you dance." Uma, Kako and Grampu nod their heads to the beat until Grampu stops the music and asks Uma to take a turn.

Like Oobi, Uma asks the viewers to dance along. A fast-paced piano tune starts playing, and Uma dances in an energetic and jumpy way. When Grampu stops the music, Kako is supposed to take his turn but instead keeps laughing with Oobi, from a conversation they were having off-screen. Grampu whispers and notions to Kako that it is his turn. Kako hastily says "Oh! Kako dance, you dance," like Oobi and Uma did earlier. He starts to dance awkwardly and scats a tune before Grampu gets a chance to start the music. Grampu interrupts him and presses play on the boombox.




Oobi - Dance!

Oobi - Dance!


  • The Oobi episode guide on Zap2it, a website that provides official television listings and schedules, has this short listed as the first episode in the series. The now-defunct MSN TV website listed it first as well. Since there was never an official broadcast order for the shorts, "Dance!" is generally said to be the first one.
  • In Canada, this short premiered on TVOntario on January 1, 2004. (source)
  • A clip from this episode is included as a special feature on several Nickelodeon video releases. It is featured on the Blue's Clues DVD "Shapes and Colors!" and on the Dora the Explorer DVD "Rhymes and Riddles."
  • Oobi's first line in this short is "Oobi dance, you dance." He uses the same line in the "Dance Class!" episode.
  • A different boombox is introduced in the "Tea!" short. The two boomboxes are used interchangeably in later episodes.


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