Dr. Rose is Oobi's pediatrician and a minor character on the show.


Dr. Rose guest stars in the "Checkup!" episode, where she is the main focus. She is a caring pediatrician who works at the local doctor's office. She has taken care of Oobi, Moppie, and Chauncy. She always makes sure to calm her patients when they are nervous around her.

In the episode, Oobi is nervous to visit her, since he has never had a checkup before. Oobi sees Chauncy leaving Dr. Rose's office and asks if she is nice. Chauncy insists that she's very nice, making Oobi feel at ease. Grampu accompanies Oobi at the checkup, where Dr. Rose makes a lot of jokes. She talks with Oobi about his family, and he talks about how silly his sister Uma is. Dr. Rose mentions that she has a brother, who she says is funny, too.


Dr. Rose is a fair-skinned hand puppet. She has dark brown eyes and black hair styled in a bob cut. She wears a white doctor's coat decorated with pins: a thermometer, a stethoscope, and a green handprint.



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