The eagle is a bird who appears in "Nature Walk!".


The eagle appears at the end of the episode. When Oobi, Uma, and Grampu go on a nature walk, Uma really wants to see an eagle. Grampu explains that they're rare and usually don't show up, but Uma crosses her fingers and hopes that she'll get to see one anyway. The family quickly finds a patch of flowers and a chipmunk, but they reach the end of the nature trail without seeing an eagle. Uma is disappointed but cheers up a little when she sees a beautiful sunset.

The family watches the sunset for a while. Uma notices something moving in a tree nearby. It turns out to be an eagle, and it flies across the sky while the sun sets. The entire family is amazed and says "Nature. Wow."


It is a puppet made to look like a bald eagle. It is made from two hands, similarly to a bird shadow puppet. Its palms and fingers are wings, and its thumbs are pressed together to make a head. It has white feathers, an orange beak, and small yellowish eyes.



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