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"Empty and Full!" is an episode of Oobi from season one. Like the rest of the season, it is a short that aired during commercial breaks.


Oobi is in the kitchen, drinking orange juice out of a glass cup through a bendy straw. Uma walks on screen and asks Oobi if his cup is full. He shakes his head no and says that it is empty, but his pitcher is full. He motions to the right and the camera zooms out to reveal an oversized pitcher of orange juice.

Uma takes Oobi's straw and places it in the pitcher. She drinks the entire pitcher of orange juice as Oobi watches in awe with his mouth agape, shocked to see Uma finish the juice in such a short time. Proud of herself, Uma says "Pitcher empty, Uma full." She walks off screen again as Oobi shrugs and goes back to his cup.




  • In Canada, this short premiered on TVOntario on January 12, 2004. (source)
  • The visual illusion of Oobi and Uma "drinking" orange juice through straws is a common trick in puppetry (see Muppet Wiki's article on this type of illusion). While the juice appears to be going from the straw to the puppet, it is actually being drained under the table off-camera.
  • The design on Oobi's cup shows a pond scene with two ducks and a lilypad.
  • As with other shorts set in the kitchen, the lighting used in this episode gives the characters and their surroundings an orange tint.
  • As seen in this short, not only was music more prevalent in the shorts than in the later episodes, but there was more instrumentation. A mandolin and a piano can be heard providing the music while Uma is drinking from the pitcher.


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