Frankie is a minor character on Oobi.


Frankie is one of Frieda the Foot's good friends. Like Frieda, he is a talking foot puppet. He talks with an exaggerated Southern accent. He is notably the only male foot to make an appearance in the series.

Frankie only appears in "Frieda Friend!" where Frieda introduces him to Oobi. Oobi is a little jealous of him, but he tries to play with him and Frieda anyway. Frankie plays a variation of the game "This Little Piggy" with Frieda, in which they point to each other's toes and pretend that they are pigs. They then play dress-up with shoes and kick a soccer ball around. Oobi gets frustrated, since he's a hand and can't play any of the same games. He storms off, leaving Frankie confused. Later, Frankie apologizes to Oobi for making him feel left out, and they give each other piggyback rides.

Frankie was played by Noel MacNeal, opposite Cheryl Blaylock as Frieda. MacNeal and Blaylock had previously starred together on the show Eureeka's Castle, and it was fun for them to perform together again. Blaylock mentioned in a 2012 interview that Frankie's appearance was her favorite moment on the show.


Frankie has dark skin and light brown eyes. He owns a blue flip-flop shoe, but only wears it for one brief scene. Unlike Frieda and most of the hand puppets, he doesn't wear a hairpiece or any accessories.


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