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"Frieda Friend!" is an episode of Oobi from season three.


Oobi comes upon his friend Frieda playing with a friend of hers. When Oobi has trouble playing their games, he must overcome his feelings of being the "different" one. In the end, Uma points out all the things that the kids have in common, and the four play a rousing game of piggyback.NickJr.com (source)


Oobi and Uma are at the park. A woodpecker is drilling into a tree, Oobi is playing with his toy car, and Uma is playing paddleball. Uma spots Frieda nearby and tells Oobi to visit her. Oobi invites the viewers to call Frieda with him. Frieda greets Oobi and asks him to play with her and another puppet named Frankie. Oobi is surprised to see that both Frieda and Frankie are foot puppets instead of hands.

Frieda and Frankie decide to play "This Little Piggy." They point to each other's toes and pretend that they're pigs. Oobi thinks that he can't play along, since he doesn't have any toes. Frieda helps him realize that he can just use his fingers as "piggies" instead. After the game, Oobi asks to play "hand clap." Frieda and Frankie say no and play dress-up instead. They pop up wearing shoes. Oobi tries to play along by wearing a pink sneaker, but he can't fit it on. He falls over and sighs. Meanwhile, an interview segment starts, showing kids talking about their best friends.

Next, Frieda and Frankie play kickball. Oobi is frustrated when he can't kick the ball and decides to leave. He talks to Uma and explains that he's too different to play with Frieda and Frankie. She laughs hysterically and shows Oobi that he's being silly. She points out things they all have in common: they're all kids, and they all like to laugh. Uma suggests giving each other piggyback rides. Uma hops on Frankie's back and Oobi hops on Frieda's. The episode ends with Oobi and Frieda waving "goodbye" to the viewers.




Production photos


  • According to data on the production photos for this episode, it was filmed on February 16, 2004.
  • This is the only long-form episode in the entire series where Grampu doesn't appear.
  • The scene where Uma goes to piggyback onto Frankie is featured in the opening theme for season three.
  • Frieda's costume was changed for this episode. In "New Friend!", her barrette was blue, but here, it's pink.
  • In 2004, Nickelodeon made an advertising booklet called "Targeting the Multicultural Customer" that talked about this episode. In the booklet, the episode is described as an example of how Nickelodeon's shows help promote diversity.
  • This is the only episode that includes Frieda's name in the title.


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