Frieda the Foot is a recurring character on Oobi. She is an upside-down foot puppet. Oobi has a big crush on her. She was played by Cheryl Blaylock.


Unlike the other characters, Frieda is a foot puppet instead of a hand. Being a foot, Frieda's favorite things are soccer and dressing up in fancy shoes. Whenever she says something, her toes move up and down to give the impression that she's talking.

She likes to hang out at the park, which is where she first met Oobi. Despite looking completely different from each other, Oobi and Frieda are very good friends, and Oobi likes her a lot. Since they're nothing alike, Oobi and Frieda sometimes run into problems when they try to play together. They always end up finding a compromise that allows both of them to play at the same time, like turning a game of catch into "kick-catch."

Frieda appears in two episodes: "New Friend!" and "Frieda Friend!".


Cheryl Blaylock was offered the role of Frieda in 2003. She knew the creator of Oobi, Josh Selig, from his time on Sesame Street and immediately accepted. For episodes featuring Frieda, the crew had to construct a new set that allowed Cheryl to raise her foot alongside the hand puppets. To do this, they assembled a ramp-like stage with a chair connected to it, resting on its side. Cheryl was able to lie down in the chair and rest her leg on the ramp, making her foot appear to be standing at the same height as Oobi.

In 2012, Cheryl was interviewed by the website Old School Lane and described her experience on Oobi:

Question: "What was it like being on Oobi?"
Cheryl: "That show was just brilliant. A puppetry purist's puppet show. And inspired from Puppetry 101 when you just start with a coupla ping-pong balls, your hand and a camera monitor, learning eye focus and lip sync. Leave it to the talented Josh Selig to create a fantastic show around the idea. I was happy to provide a bit of diversity with Frieda the Foot. I had to actually go back to Puppetry 101 to train my foot to lip sync. Oh yes, I was determined to do some kind of toe wiggle that could be convincing. My favorite moment was when they had her play dress up and she popped up wearing a shoe. That scene was with my Magellan, the amazing Noel MacNeal doing a southern accent." (source)


Frieda is an upside-down foot. In season one, she has light green eyes and wears a blue barrette on her toe. In season two, she has darker blue-colored eyes and wears a bright pink flower-shaped pin on her toe.


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