The fruit store is a building in Oobi's neighborhood. It is a small grocery shop that sells all kinds of fruit. It is run by Bella.


The fruit store is located right outside the park. It is similar to a supermarket, but it only sells fruit. Bella is the owner and only employee. She does every job: stocking the shelves, working the cash register, and of course, cleaning up when someone makes a mess in one of the aisles. Grampu seems to be one of the store's best customers. He is good friends with Bella, and the fruit bowl in his kitchen is always filled with fresh apples and bananas.

The store has a big supply of different fruits, like pineapples, oranges, cherries, and watermelons. In each aisle, there are a few potted flowers, but it's not clear if they are for sale or for show. There are also a couple of scales for weighing fruit.

Grampu takes Oobi and Kako to the store in the "Shopping!" episode. In the episode, Oobi and Kako fool around and play with the fruit. They overload one of the scales with a bunch of fruit and make a pile of oranges fall. Grampu sternly reminds them that the food isn't theirs to play with; it's Bella's property, and they have to respect that. Oobi and Kako apologize to Bella and pay her for the food.


The fruit store is an old-fashioned green building. One side of the store has a fruit-themed wallpaper, and the other side has light green walls and a few wooden shelves. The cash register sits on a dark brown desk, and it is decorated with chunky fruit-shaped magnets. Behind the cash register, there is a small window and a big rolling pin on display.


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