Great-Grandmamu is a minor character on Oobi.


Great-Grandmamu is Kako's great-grandmother, as well as the grandmother of either Mamu or Papu. She never appears on the show, but a photo of her can be seen in the "Kako Dinner!" episode. When Oobi visits Kako's house, he sees a wall of family photos. One is of Great-Grandmamu; it is in black-and-white and shows her sitting in a rocking chair. Since she never shows up in person, it is unknown if she is deceased or just very old.

Noel MacNeal, the puppeteer for Kako, posed for Great-Grandmamu's picture. He simply added a wig and glasses to Kako's normal look.


Great-Grandmamu has dark skin and light eyes (most likely green, like Kako's). She wears a curly gray wig and round glasses.


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