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Oobi Uma Dreams! Scene 2 This page is an episode transcript.
Please note that because the characters speak in very simple sentences, the transcribed dialogue is not grammatically correct and may be hard to understand without visuals.

A transcript of the "Haircut!" episode.


[The camera pans across Oobi's bed. Oobi is sleeping, and Grampu comes in to wake him up.]

Grampu: Oobi! Oobi! Oobi, morning.

Oobi: Morning, Grampu.

Grampu: Morning, Oobi.

Oobi: [stretching] Ah, heh-heh, ah. Oh, ha, hi! Oobi stretch, you stretch. You, stretch!

Oobi and Voices: [all] Stretch. Stretch!

Oobi: Ha-ha, yeah. Ah.

[Oobi looks in the mirror and realizes he has a patch of brown hair on his head.]

Oobi: Oh! Huh. Oobi hair. Huh...

[The scene cuts to Uma in the kitchen. She is eating a muffin.]

Uma: [munching]

Oobi: Oh, uh. Oobi hide hair.

[Oobi puts a yellow flower over his hair.]

Oobi: Hi, Uma.

Uma: Hi, Oobi. Uh, Oobi... flower?

Oobi: Mm-hmm, flower.

Uma: Oh. Mm.

Grampu: Oh, hoo-hoo, flower!

Oobi: Mm-hmm.

Grampu: [sniffs] Ah, lovely.

Oobi: Hmm.

Uma: Oobi?

Oobi: Hmm?

Uma: Uma smell?

Oobi: Um, Uma smell.

Uma: [sniffing]

Oobi: Hmm.

Uma: Oobi?

Oobi: Hmm?

Uma: Uma hold?

Oobi: [stammering] But...but... [sighs] Uma hold.

Uma: Oh. [takes the flower] Aah! Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair!

Grampu: Oh, nice.

Oobi: Nice?

Grampu: Mm-hmm. Uma.

Uma: Oh, Oobi! Uh, hair. Nice.

Oobi: Ni-nice? Hmm. Oobi hair nice.

Uma: Mm-hmm.

Oobi: Huh.

Uma: Yeah.

[The scene cuts to Oobi and Kako in front of the bathroom mirror.]

Oobi: Hair.

Kako: Hair? Hmm. Goo.

Oobi: Goo?

Kako: Mm-hmm. Huh. Hair up?

Oobi: Hair up.

[Kako uses gel to style Oobi's hair.]

Kako: [humming] Ah. Hair up. Heh-heh.

Oobi: Mm-mm. Mm-mm.

Kako: Hmm. Hair down?

Oobi: Hair down.

Kako: [humming] Ah, hair down. Perfecto.

Oobi: Huh, huh? No.

Kako: No?

Oobi: Hmm. Oobi idea.

Kako: Oh.

Oobi: Haircut.

Kako: Haircut?

Oobi: Haircut. Snip, snip, snip!

Kako: Oh.

Oobi and Kako: [together] Grampu, haircut!

Oobi: Oh, barbershop.

Grampu: Mm-hmm.

Oobi: Hmm. Hair.

Grampu: Hmm.

[Oobi and Grampu see the barber giving a customer a haircut. The customer shakes her hair.]

Oobi: Hmm. Shake. [imitating the customer] Shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake, shake!

[Oobi gets the idea to turn it into a game.]

Oobi: Oobi shake, shake, shake; you shake, shake, shake. You shake, shake, shake!

Oobi and Voices: [all] Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake.

Barber: Next.

Grampu: Oh, Oobi.

Oobi: Um...

Barber: Next?

Oobi: Grampu? Um, Oobi no haircut. Oobi scared.

Grampu: Ah. Well, Grampu first?

Oobi: Grampu haircut?

Grampu: Heh.

[Oobi realizes that Grampu does have some arm hair.]

Oobi: Oh, Grampu hair. Grampu first.

Barber: Oh. Next. Haircut.

Grampu: Heh. Mm-hmm.

Barber: Okay.

[The barber gives Grampu's arm hair a trim.]

Oobi: Uh, Grampu?

Grampu: Hmm?

Oobi: Ouch?

Grampu: No, Oobi, No ouch.

Barber: Here we go. See?

[He shows Grampu a mirror. Grampu's head is well-shaved.]

Grampu: Oh, hmm, nice. Thank you. Oh.

Barber: Next!

Grampu: Oobi ready?

Oobi: Um, um, no ouch?

Grampu: No ouch.

Oobi: [gulps] Oobi ready. Heh.

Barber: M'kay, sit. Comfy? Mm.

[The barber walks to his wall of photos. Each one shows a different hairstyle. He points to one.]

Barber: Oobi, haircut?

Oobi: Um, uh-uh. No.

[The barber goes through each possible style.]

Barber: Ah.

Oobi: No. No, no.

Barber: Okay. [points to another photo] Ah, Oobi, haircut?

Oobi: Nope.

Barber: Huh.

Oobi: Oobi, Grampu hair.

Grampu: Grampu hair?

[Grampu realizes Oobi wants to be bald again.]

Grampu: Hmm. Oobi, Grampu hair.

Barber: Okay. First, wet.

Oobi: Oh, okay. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, hee-hee-ha!

Barber: Next scissors.

Oobi: Scissors... snip, snip, snip?

Barber: Mm-hmm, snip, snip.

Oobi: Ha.

Barber: Snip. Mm.

Oobi: Ha-ha-ha, tickles.

Barber: Haircut done!

Oobi: Haircut, done.

Oobi: Grampu, look.

Grampu: Ooh, handsome.

Oobi: Um, still Oobi?

Grampu: Heh-heh, still Oobi. Heh.

Barber: Next!

[The interview segments start.]

Kako: You haircut?

Kid #1: When I get a haircut and rub my hair, it feels soft and fuzzy.

Kid #2: I like my hair 'cause I like how long it is.

Kid #3: I like my hair because it's wonderful. Kako: You, haircut perfecto. Heh-heh-heh!

[The scene cuts to Oobi, wearing a long reddish-brown wig.]

Oobi: Oh, Oobi wig. Wig. Oobi game. Game game, game game. Game game, game game. Game! Dance game. Oobi hair dance, ha-ha.

[He starts to dance with his wig.]

Oobi: Bounce. Shake. Twirl. Ha-ha-ha! Oobi bounce, you bounce. You bounce!

Oobi and Voices: [all] Bounce, bounce.

Oobi: Yeah! Oobi shake, you shake. You shake!

Oobi and Voices: [all] Shake, shake, shake, shake.

Oobi: Yeah, ha-ha-ha. Oobi twirl, you twirl. You twirl!

Oobi and Voices: [all] Twirl, twirl, twirl!

Oobi: Yeah, ha-ha. Hair dance. Bounce, shake, twirl. You, Oobi together!

Oobi and Voices: [all] Bounce, shake, twirl.

Oobi: Yeah!

Oobi and Voices: [all] Bounce, shake, twirl.

Oobi: Yeah!

Oobi and Voices: Bounce, shake...

[Oobi shakes his wig off, and it falls on top of Grampu.]

Grampu: Ooh, hair. Lovely.

Oobi: Hmm. Hair dance over, ha-ha. Oobi, you friends! Bye.

Voice #1: [girl] Bye-bye, Oobi. Bye.

Voice #2: [boy] Bye, Oobi.


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