Oobi is the most widely distributed Noggin show. By 2005, the show was aired in more than 23 international markets. A few foreign-language versions of the show were recorded for international channels; these are called "dubs."

This is a list of the different dubs. For more info on each dub, see their individual pages.


Eight different dubs have been confirmed, including the original English version.

Language Title Logo
Arabic أوبي
Oobi Arabic Logo أوبي
English Oobi (original version)
Oobi Logo
French Oobi (French)
Oobi - Nickelodeon Junior Logo
Icelandic Oobi (Icelandic)
Oobi Logo
Hebrew אובי
Noggin Nick Jr. Oobi Hebrew Logo
Mandarin Chinese 小手乌比
Oobi Logo
Polish Rączusie
Oobi Logo
(subtitles only)
Oobi Logo


The dubs were shown on many different channels worldwide. This is a list of them, sorted by when the channel first aired Oobi (a few channels are still unknown/missing).

Years Channel Area Dub Refs.
2000-2009 Noggin U.S. English source
2000-2003 Nickelodeon U.S. English source
2003-2005 TVOKids Canada English source 1, source 2
2004-2005 AFN Prime Marshall Islands English source 1, source 2
2004-2010 BabyTV Israel Hebrew source
2005-2007 ABC Kids Australia English source
2005-2006 Stöð 2 Iceland Icelandic source 1, source 2
2005-2007 Nickelodeon France France, Wallonia French source
2007-2010 Nickelodeon Junior France, Wallonia French source
2008-2011 Nickelodeon Israel Israel Hebrew source
2009-2011 Nickelodeon Arabia Middle East Arabic source
2009-2011 Nickelodeon Poland Poland Polish source
(still airing)
Nickelodeon Pakistan Pakistan English source
2009-2013 Nick Jr. U.S. English source


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