The little girl is a minor character on Oobi.


The little girl is an unnamed hand puppet who only appears in the "Superheroes!" episode. She visits the park, sits at a picnic table, and tries to fit a straw into her juice box. When Oobi, Uma and Kako notice that she's having trouble, they offer to help. They go into "superhero formation" to get the straw in the box: Kako holds the box tight, Uma pushes in the straw, and Oobi tells everyone what to do. Once they're done, the girl thanks them and happily sips her juice.

The girl was played by Heather Asch, who also played Moppie. She is mentioned on Heather Asch's website.


The little girl is a fair-skinned hand puppet with light blue eyes. She wears a charm bracelet and a dark brown wig, braided with a few pink beads.



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