"Little Red Riding Hood" is a song from the "Theater!" episode. It was written and composed by Larry Hochman.



Scene 1

  • Kako: Little Red, hello. To Grandma's house, you go. Little Red, today. Bring Grandma basket, okay?
  • Uma: Yes, Mama, on my way. To Grandma's house today.
  • Kako: Into woods, walk, walk, walk. Little Red, strangers, no talk.
  • Uma: Yes, Mama, strangers, no talk.

Scene 2

  • Uma: To Grandma's house, Little Red go. With picnic basket. Ah, listen. Wind blow-oh-oh-oh-oh. Forest dark, forest scary. Little Red hear something hairy. Animal, animal! Where, oh, where? Animal, animal, there or there?
  • Oobi: Hello, little girl, hello.
  • Uma: Hi, wolf. To Grandma's house, Little Red gotta go.
  • Oobi: Wait. Flowers! To Grandma, take!
  • Uma: Oh. Pretty present, Little Red make.
  • Oobi: Wolf, go quick. Wolf, go fast. To Grandma's house, dinner at last.
  • Uma: To Grandma's house, Little Red go. With pretty flowers, 'cause wolf say so.

Scene 3

  • Oobi: Wolf hide in bed. Wolf trick Little Red. (high-pitched voice) Come in, come in. Time for fun to begin.
  • Uma: Grandma, hi. Still in bed. Why?
  • Oobi: Little Red, come here. Looking lovely, my dear.
  • Uma: Grandma, big ears.
  • Oobi: Little Red, better to hear.
  • Uma: Grandma, big nose.
  • Oobi: Better to smell, Grandma suppose.
  • Uma: Grandma, big mouth, big head.
  • Oobi: Better to eat Little Red.
  • Uma: You! You no Grandma. Hey! You, you, big bad wolf, go away!
  • Kako: Little Red!
  • Uma: Grandma, Grandma! Wolf is here.
  • Kako: Little Red, come. Let's disappear.
  • Oobi: Yum, Grandma. Yum, Little Red. Wolf hungry. Now get fed! Little Red, Grandma yummy. Time to go in wolf's tummy.
  • Angus: Woodsman, ho! Wolf must go! Ooh, thank you, thank you.
  • Oobi: [spoken] Angus? Angus, show not over.
  • Angus: Oh! Wolf go!
  • Oobi: Wolf go.
  • Kako: Poor wolf...wants food. No wonder...bad mood.
  • Uma: Wolf, come back. Sit down, have snack.
  • Kako: Yes, wolf, come back. Sit down, have snack.
  • Oobi: Nah...
  • Uma, Kako, and Angus: Yes, wolf, come back. Sit down, have snack.
  • Oobi: Okay.
  • Uma: Wolf, share treat. Tasty good! Let's eat.
  • Oobi, Uma, Kako, and Angus: Wolf, share treat. Tasty good! Let's eat!


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