Oobi Maestru Noggin TV Show Character

Name Maestru
Species Hand puppet
Gender Male
First Appearance "Theater!"

Maestru is a recurring character on Oobi. He is performed by James Godwin.


Maestru is the leader of a singing group that meets weekly at the community center. He is also the coordinator of the town's theatrical performances. His somewhat strict demeanor can make him come across as uptight, but he is courteous to everyone he meets. He can get impatient when his students, especially Oobi and Kako, follow his directions incorrectly. Maestru's name is a play on the word "maestro."


Maestru has fair skin and blue-green eyes. His hair is black with streaks of gray, and it is styled to resemble the hairstyle of the famous composer Beethoven. Maestru's index finger is always extended and acts as a conducting baton. He always wears a black bow tie.


Maestru has appeared in two episodes of Oobi: "Theater!" and "Sing!"


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