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"Make Art!" is an episode of Oobi from season two.


When the family decides to make art together, Oobi struggles with what he would like to make. Finally, he has a breakthrough when he realizes that art can be whatever he would like it to be.ABC Television (source)


Grampu is hanging a painting on the wall, but he can't seem to straighten it. He calls the kids over to help him. Oobi invites the viewers to help Grampu as well. After they finish hanging the painting, Grampu mentions that he made it himself. The kids are amazed and want to make paintings themselves. Grampu brings out art supplies and sets them up on a table in the living room. Uma and Kako immediately start taking sheets of paper and making art themselves, but Oobi takes some time to think.

Uma calls Grampu and asks him to help her create a circle-themed piece. She takes a few shaped pieces of paper, and Grampu asks the viewer to decide whether or not each shape is a circle. They count the sides of each one, ruling out a square and a triangle. Uma thanks Grampu and starts setting up her circles. She accidentally glues one to Grampu, who walks over to Oobi. Oobi hasn't decided on what to make yet, so Grampu helps Kako instead. Kako has created a pattern of yellow, green, and blue-colored lines using paint. He asks Grampu and the viewers to help him finish the pattern, but Kako accidentally gets paint on Grampu. Kako says sorry while Grampu goes to wash.

After Uma and Kako finish their art, they help Oobi figure out what to make. They ask him what he likes, and he tells them that he likes cheese, toothpaste, and flowers. He finds each of these things and glues them to a sheet of paper to make a piece of abstract art. "Done!" he says. Uma, Kako, and Grampu stare in awe at the interesting artwork. They put each of their pieces on the fridge and admire them. Afterwards, Kako appears in a few interview segments, asking preschoolers if they have ever made art. The kids play a rhyming game with words that end in "-air" as the episode ends.




  • International air dates:
  • "Collage" was the working title of this episode when it was being made.
  • Grampu's painting isn't shown on the wall in any other episode.


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