Mimi is a minor character on Oobi.


Mimi only appears in the "Sing!" episode. She is a nerdy student in Maestru's singing class. She is well-behaved and always follows Maestru's instructions. She has long, stringy hair that often gets in her eyes. When her hair gets out of control, Maestru has to remind her to fix it.

Mimi is best friends with Ray, Maestru's other student. They practice singing together. Their names are references to re and mi, the second and third syllables of the scale in solfège.

Mimi was played by Jennifer Barnhart, who also played Mrs. Johnson.


Mimi is a fair-skinned hand puppet with blue eyes, similar to Uma's. She wears a medium-length brown wig, styled into a bob cut. Unlike most of the characters on the show, she is a left hand.



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