Moppie is a recurring character on Oobi. She is Uma's best friend. She was played by Heather Asch.


Moppie is Uma's preschool classmate and best friend. Like Uma, she is usually outgoing and confident. However, she can get apprehensive and scared more easily than Uma. She is usually upbeat and her favorite activity is drawing portraits of her classmates. Moppie and Oobi both have the same pediatrician, Dr. Rose.

Moppie first appears in "Checkup!", where she is nervous to visit Dr. Rose for the first time. Oobi finds Moppie in the waiting room and assures her that Dr. Rose is really nice. Moppie sighs and thanks Oobi before getting her checkup.

Moppie's second appearance is in "Uma Preschool!", where she meets Uma on the first day of preschool. Uma sees Moppie drawing a chicken on an art easel, and Moppie talks about how art is her favorite thing. She then draws a portrait of Uma, which Uma loves. They become friends and help guide each other through the different parts of the school day: having snacks, nap time, and playing a dance game. When Grampu comes to pick up Uma, Moppie hugs her and they say goodbye.


Moppie is a hand puppet with fair skin and green eyes. She wears a curly red wig that bounces around when she walks. Four fingers act as her upper lip while her thumb acts as her lower lip. Her fingers are usually curled in a fist-like position.


Moppie appears in two episodes of Oobi: "Checkup!" and "Uma Preschool!"


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