Mrs. Johnson is a recurring character on Oobi. She was played by Jennifer Barnhart.


Mrs. Johnson is Oobi's elderly neighbor and one of Grampu's closest friends. She is one of the few left-handed puppets on the show. Her first name is unknown. It's implied that she is or was once married, though she is never shown with a husband.

Her house is known for having the most spectacular Halloween display in Oobi's neighborhood every year, since she always decorates her doorway with all kinds of interesting ornaments.

She has a pet cat named Kitty, who tends to climb up trees and get stuck. In the "Superheroes!" episode, Oobi helped get Kitty down after she climbed to the top of the tallest tree in the park. Mrs. Johnson was very grateful.


Mrs. Johnson has fair skin and usually has her fingers in a fist-like position. She also has dark blue eyes, which are noticeably larger than the eye props used for the other characters. She wears a curly white wig and a sleeve-like brown dress.


Tim Lagasse helped design Mrs. Johnson, and he described it in this interview. When he was figuring out a costume for her, the producers were having trouble making her look like an old lady; since she was just a hand, she looked too much like an old man. Josh Selig asked him, "Is there any way we can put...boobs on this character?" Tim was very strongly against this, and he recalls telling Josh, "No! It's a hand, no! We can give it a blouse. Don't suggest that, it's weird." (source) They settled on giving her a puffy sleeve that looked like a blouse.



Interview with Tim Lagasse - Mrs. Johnson's Creation


Mrs. Johnson appears in four episodes of Oobi:



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