The musician is a minor character on Oobi.


The musician is an unnamed guitarist and singer. He only appears for a few seconds in the "Grown-Up!" episode. He walks by Oobi's house, carrying his guitar. He strums it and sings a short verse:

"Doobi, doobi, doobi doo. Doobi, doobi, doobi doo."

The musician was played by Noel MacNeal, who also played Kako. His wig and shades were previously used for the rock stars who appeared in the "Make Music!" episode. His appearance is similar to that of the lead rock star.


The musician is a tall hand puppet with tanned skin. He curls his fingers in a fist-like position. He wears a long, flowing brown wig, a pair of purple-tinted shades, and a brown strap around his wrist to carry his guitar. He has no eyes underneath his glasses.


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