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"Nature Walk!" is an episode of Oobi from season three.


Grampu takes the kids on a nature walk. They use a checklist to check off the wonderful things they see: some flowers, a chipmunk, and then, much to their delight, they spot an eagle.NickJr.com (source)


Oobi, Uma, and Grampu are relaxing in the front yard. Suddenly, they hear a garbage truck nearby. They try to relax again, but they're interrupted by the louder sounds of a jackhammer and a car horn. Oobi and Uma decide to go inside, but Grampu stops them. He gets the idea to go on a nature walk at the state park, where they can find peace and quiet. The kids agree and get ready to go.

As the family arrives at the state park, Oobi asks where they are. Grampu points to a map of the nature trails and brings out a nature checklist. It lists three things to see: a flower, a chipmunk, and an eagle. Uma is excited and asks if they'll really see an eagle. Grampu explains that eagles are rare and usually don't show up. He asks Oobi to carry the checklist, upsetting Uma. She says that she wants to hold something, too, so Grampu lets her carry a pencil.

The family starts their nature walk. Oobi spots a big rock, and Uma sees a tall tree. When Uma asks Grampu if an eagle will show up soon, he tries to keep her happy by saying that anything's possible. She crosses her fingers in excitement. Later, the group comes across a field of flowers. They look at the checklist and put a checkmark near the flower picture. Uma tries to pick a flower, but she's stopped by Grampu. He explains that they should stay in nature for everyone to enjoy. Grampu asks the kids if they want to stop for snacks, and they happily agree.

Soon, the family cleans up their snacks, and they look at the checklist again. Meanwhile, a chipmunk walks by. The kids try to touch it, but Grampu stops them and tells them not to bother it. They check the chipmunk off of their checklist and start heading home. Uma is disappointed that she never saw an eagle. Grampu explains that they need to leave, since it's getting dark. Uma asks if they can stay longer, and Grampu decides that they can stay to watch the sunset. While they watch, Uma spots something in a tree. It's an eagle, and it flies across the sky as the family watches in awe. Grampu and Uma walk towards the sunset as the episode ends.




  • The scene where the family walks by a patch of flowers is featured in the opening theme for season three.
  • When Uma first hears that she might see an eagle on her nature walk, she crosses her fingers to wish for good luck.
  • Oobi and Uma wear their miniature backpacks by placing one strap under their thumbs and the other between their pinky and ring fingers.
  • Uma's backpack has a flower pattern on it, while Oobi's is undecorated.
  • Grampu saying "Neighborhood. There goes," is a simplified version of the phrase "There goes the neighborhood".


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