Noggin used newspaper promos to advertise Oobi and a few of its other shows. This is a gallery of them.

Zap2it play-along guide

In April 2003, the television website Zap2it published an article about the premiere episode along with a "play-along parents' guide." The guide was a list of questions that parents could ask their kids after the episode. It was printed in many different newspapers across the U.S., with a photo provided by Noggin.


Noggin press poster

In summer 2003, Noggin released this quarter-page spread to advertise two events: season 1 of Oobi, and the relaunch of Noggin as a 12-hour preschool channel.


The spread was designed by Jon Garcia, a designer for MTV Networks. It was seen in many newspapers, including the Johnson City Press.

Times Leader

The Times Leader, a newspaper in Pennsylvania, ran two different ads for Oobi in 2004. They promoted three new episodes: "Uma Preschool!" and "Dinosaur!" on September 6, then "Halloween!" on October 25.


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