Nick Jr. Magazine was a monthly magazine for kids and families. It was published by the editors of Nickelodeon's main magazine. Oobi was featured in a few of the issues.

The August 2004 issue had a craft section based on Oobi called "Puppet Show-Offs." It featured quotes and a craft guide from Josh Selig, the creator of Oobi. At the back of the section, there was a short interview with Tim Lagasse, who played Oobi.

The section was written by Barbara Huber and Benjamin Oliver.



  • Intro:

From Lamp Chop to Oobi, puppets have been entertaining kids for decades. Now grown-ups are rediscovering their appeal — in such Broadway hits as Avenue Q, and on Comedy Central and Late Night with Conan O'Brien on TV.

Dorothy G. Singer, Ed.D., senior research psychologist at Yale University and coauthor of Make-Believe: Games and Activities for Imaginative Play (Magination Press, 2000), says puppets have staying power because not only are they "fun to make and play with, but they also serve as an outlet for kids to express emotions freely." We pulled a few strings with some famous puppeteers to show you how to bring kids' favorite characters to life.

  • "Clowning Around" (Josh Selig)

"There is no puppet as simple and as perfect as a child's own hand."

Josh Selig, creator and executive producer of Oobi! on Noggin, made a clown puppet. Kids gave it a thumbs-up!

Directions: Make a construction-paper cone-shaped hat. Glue edges. Trim bottom to fit hand. Decorate. Cut a 5-inch-by-2-inch strip of paper; fringe edges. Glue to the inside of hat, with fringe sticking out. Glue a pipe cleaner to sides of hat for a strap. Cut another pipe cleaner into two 2-inch pieces. Glue ends into 3/4-inch polystyrene balls. Cut two paper circles; draw on eyes. Glue onto balls. For nose, paint a 1 1/2-inch polystyrene ball. Make a hole in the ball to fit tip of middle finger. Cut a paper tie; decorate. Glue a pipe cleaner in back to connect it to wrist.

  • "Doggie Bag" (Tim Lagasse)

"Building and performing with puppets is like doing a magic trick that is so wonderful, nobody wants to figure out how it is done."

Tim Lagasse, puppet builder and designer on the new Blue's Room, has worked on Sesame Street, Bear in the Big Blue House, and Oobi. See him turn a lunch bag into a talking Blue puppy.

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