Noggin Play Days were weekly live events held at Jillian's, a former U.S. restaurant chain. They were held each Wednesday from June 2002 until early 2004. At the events, visitors could watch a live feed of the Noggin channel with Noggin-themed activities and meals.

The Oobi shorts were featured as part of the live screenings, and a few of the activities were centered around the show. The launch commercials for Noggin Play Days used clips from the "Pinch Pot!" and "Bubble Bath!" shorts.


Official tagline (source):
Under the agreement, Jillian's has signed on as Noggin's (both Noggin for preschoolers and The N for 'tweens) first corporate marketing partner in a two-year deal that encompasses on-air and online media for Jillian's. The deal also provides Jillian's with Noggin and The N branding in-store at 15 suburban Jillian's locations. In-store suburban activities will commence in June 2002, and will include local events featuring preschool character appearances and educational activities at the 15 Jillian's properties.
Tom Ascheim, General Manager, Noggin/The N said, "We are thrilled to enter into this marketing partnership with Jillian's and feel they will be instrumental in helping us to communicate Noggin and The N's missions off air," said Ascheim. "Noggin and The N strive to provide positive values and educational television programming for preschoolers and tweens and Jillian's is a fun, innovative marketing partner to help us achieve our goals," he added.


Compared to other events like Club Noggin and the Oobi Educational Tour, these events were small and had very little Noggin theming. Although there were activities available and a feed of Noggin was played at each Jillian's location, the "in-store branding" was minimal. By 2004, the activities were no longer available.

For a short time in summer 2002, Jillian's commercials ran after every Noggin show, but this stopped soon after the summer ended. Before each Play Day started, Jillian's showed a promo video called "What Is Noggin?", which introduced the Noggin channel to customers.


Noggin Play Days - May 2002 Promo

Noggin Play Days - May 2002 Promo

TV commercial ("Pinch Pot!" clip at 0:03)

Noggin - April 2002 Promo - What Is Noggin?

Noggin - April 2002 Promo - What Is Noggin?

"What Is Noggin?" commercial


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