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"Oobi's Car!" is an episode of Oobi from season two.


Uma is careless with Oobi's favorite toy racecar and she accidentally breaks it. Despite her apologies, Oobi is furious. Grampu explains that Uma is very sorry and accidents do happen. Grampu and Uma fix the car and Oobi forgives her.ABC Television (source)


Oobi is playing with his favorite toy car when he notices that one of the wheels is squeaking. At first, he isn't bothered by it. Grampu walks in with a toolbox and asks Oobi to help him fix the sink. Oobi agrees and Uma comes in, asking if she can play with his car while he's helping Grampu. Oobi says yes, but he tells Uma to be especially careful. Uma plays with the car and notices its squeaky wheel. She accidentally lifts the car onto its side, breaking one wheel off. Uma is distraught and tries to fix the car before Oobi notices. She uses some toy tools and accidentally breaks both the door and the engine cover off. Oobi walks in and asks where his car is.

Uma tries to hide the broken car, but Oobi sees it anyway. After realizing what happened, Oobi gets furious and shouts at Uma for not being careful. Grampu comes in to check on the kids, and he explains to Oobi that Uma made a simple mistake. Oobi forgives her and asks Grampu if he can fix his car. Grampu brings his toolbox out and fixes the car within a few minutes. Oobi tests it, only to find that its wheels are still squeaky. Uma helps by pouring some oil on the wheels, fixing the problem. Oobi thanks Uma and plays a memory game with his car, a firetruck, and a bus. Uma then rides the firetruck away as the episode ends.




  • International air dates:
  • Oobi's car is modeled after a 1973 Ford Mustang.
  • Aside from the interviews, the whole episode is set in the living room. This is one of three episodes that only use one set piece, the others being "Kako's Puppy!" and "Build Fort!".
  • Oobi's car shows up as an Easter egg in seven other episodes:
    • "Dance Class!" — At the beginning, the car is behind Uma's boombox.
    • "Asparagus!" — Oobi plays with it before dinner.
    • "Sleepover!" — It's one of the things Oobi puts in his suitcase.
    • "Playdate!" — At the beginning, it can be seen on the table near Kako.
    • "Clean Up!" — It's on the bed during the "Clean Room" song.
    • "Kako Dinner!" — Oobi plays with it before going to Kako's house.
    • "Frieda Friend!" — Oobi brings it to the park.


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