Oobi's Day with Grampu

Noggin Scribblevision Oobi's Day with Grampu

Type Online game
Released November 2003

Oobi's Day with Grampu is an online game released to It was available from 2003 until 2009. It follows an original plotline similar to that of the "Fishing!" episode, which aired after the game was released.



"Color different objects and animals that Oobi and Grampu see. The drawings will become part of the story and move by themselves."


The Scribblevision program allows the player to color pictures, which become animated parts of a story. It was created specifically for Noggin's website.

Three Scribblevision games were originally released on the site: the original Scribblevision, Moose and Zee's "Scribblevision Pictures," and "Oobi's Day with Grampu." After the success of the games, released four Scribblevision games relating to specific seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter), in addition to a Franklin Scribblevision game.

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