Oobi's Day with Grampu


Oobi's Day with Grampu is an online game from It was first released in November 2003 and was playable until late 2009.

It was the last original game made for the show.


The game was made as part of "Scribblevision", a program on the Noggin website. It was an online coloring book that allowed players to color different things and see their artwork animate itself. The game was designed and developed by an animation company called Funny Garbage.

Shockwave 6 was used to build the back-end application, and Adobe Flash 5 was used to make the animation patterns for the drawings. All of Oobi and Grampu's sprites are cropped from promo photos, while the backgrounds were all drawn specifically for the game.

In January 2004, the game was added to MSN Kids, a Microsoft website that partnered with Noggin. It was featured under the "Coloring" section. The logline for it on MSN Kids was: "See your drawings come to life in Oobi's new animated coloring book." (source)

The game was a Shockwave DCR file. It was archived a few times (here) but the actual gameplay can't be accessed or used. The only images of the game come from MSN Kids and the Funny Garbage website.


In the game, Oobi and Grampu are woken up by a rooster and decide to spend the day together. They visit the zoo and go fishing at a pond. Players could color in the rooster, a lion, an elephant, a fish, and a frog. At the end of the game, Oobi and Grampu watch the night sky, and the player's drawings appear along with stars and fireflies.

The official description was:

"Users color in animals, characters and other objects and then watch their creations animate, accompanied by sound and a story. Although other drawing and coloring applications exist on the web, this application is unique in that it animates the user's actual drawing. The more complete the coloring - the more spectacular the animation." (source)
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