A French dub of Oobi was produced by Nickelodeon France. It aired on Nick France from 2005 to 2007, and on Nickelodeon Junior (the French version of Nick Jr.) from 2007 to 2012.


The dub premiered on Nickelodeon France on November 16, 2005, the same day that the channel launched. (source) It was shown regularly on Nick France until January 2007, when preschool shows were moved to a new sister channel called Nickelodeon Junior.

The French dub of the episode "Halloween!" premiered in October 2006. (source) In June 2010, Nickelodeon Junior played a rerun of "Make Music!" for Fête de la Musique, a music celebration in France. (source)


Grampu's name was changed to "Grampou," which is pronounced the same way. For the first few episodes, Kako's name was changed to "Kajour," and it was later changed again to "Kakou." (source 1, source 2)

Official description

From Nickelodeon Junior: Bienvenue dans le petit monde d’Oobi ! Oobi, Uma, Grampou et Kajour découvrent ensemble tout ce qui compose le quotidien d’une famille. Cette drôle de famille joue avec les enfants de manière très interactive. Oobi est un programme destiné aux plus petits avec un principe simple : les personnages sont des marionnettes faites avec des jeux de mains. (source)
Translation: Welcome to the little world of Oobi! Together, Oobi, Uma, Grampu and Kako discover everything that makes up the daily life of a family. This funny family plays with children in a very interactive way. Oobi is a program for the little ones with a simple premise: the characters are puppets made with hands.


All of the long-form episodes were dubbed in French.



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