An Icelandic dub of Oobi was produced and aired by Stöð 2 from November 2005 to May 2006. (source)

Since Iceland has a small population and this dub only aired for less than a year, it is by far the rarest dub of the show. The Icelandic magazine Vísir and Stöð 2's schedule listings are the only sources of information about it. As of now, no footage of this dub has been found.


The dub premiered on Stöð 2 on November 27, 2005. It aired almost every week until May 2006. It was mainly shown on Sunday mornings as part of a block called "Barnatími" (English: Children's Time). It was one of only three Nickelodeon shows that aired during the block, the others being Winx Club and Dora the Explorer. (source)

The episodes were shown individually in 10- to 15-minute timeslots. (source)


All of the long-form episodes were dubbed in Icelandic. A few of the original air dates are known from Stöð 2's schedules. Since the listings don't include episode numbers or titles, it's unknown what order the episodes were shown in.

Known airings: (most are missing)



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