Oobi Animals is an online game from It was available from 2001 until 2009.


The game was made for "Oobi Online", a section of Noggin's website based on the Oobi shorts.

In 2005, a Mandarin Chinese version was made for SMG's website to promote the Chinese dub of Oobi. It featured the same sprites and controls, but Oobi's Mandarin voice actor dubbed over all of the dialogue. This version can still be played on an archive of the original site (here).


"Can you guess which animal Oobi is drawing? Watch Oobi draw part of an animal. Try to match the image Oobi draws to one of the animal buttons."


The game has three unique sprites of Oobi holding a pencil and drawing with it. It also uses a few recycled sprites from other games.



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