Oobi Arts and Crafts was a live event based on the show. It was held in November 2007 at the Nick Hotel in Orlando, Florida.


Official tagline (source):
Count and color like Oobi, Uma and Grampu. Plus, you'll receive your very own set of Oobi eyes to discover the world around you in the Nick Workshop.



Oobi Eyes with other Noggin merchandise.

This event was only open to guests of the Nick Hotel. It was based on the "Make Art!" episode, which was screened in a game room called the Nick Workshop. Visitors could make Oobi-themed crafts and take home a pair of official Oobi Eyes.

It was part of "Noggin Month," a series of themed activities based on Nick Jr. kids' shows. Other shows featured were Blue's Clues and Wonder Pets.



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