Oobi Bubbles is an online game from It is loosely based on the "Bubbles!" short. It was available from 2001 until 2009.


The game was made for "Oobi Online", a section of Noggin's website based on the Oobi shorts. Two brief clips of the gameplay were used in a bumper that played after each short.

In October 2004, the game was added to MSN Kids, a Microsoft website that partnered with Noggin. The logline for it on MSN Kids was: "Blow bubbles with Oobi! Can you help him make a heart-shaped bubble?" (source)

In 2005, a Mandarin Chinese version was made for SMG's website to promote the Chinese dub of Oobi. It featured the same sprites and controls, but Oobi's Mandarin voice actor dubbed over all of the dialogue. This version can still be played on an archive of the original site (here).


"Choose and click a bubble wand button. Use the mouse to bring the bubble wand close to Oobi. Oobi will blow bubbles when the wand is near him, and each wand will make bubbles of different sizes."


All of Oobi's sprites are recycled from other games.


In 2007, the site Common Sense Media reviewed the game and felt that it paled in comparison to the more educational ones. They wrote:

"While some games involve early reading or counting activities, others are just for fun and involve activities that are better to do offline. For example, in Oobi's Bubbles kids drag a bubble wand next to Oobi's 'mouth' so he can blow bubbles. This just teaches tots to click and drag. Wouldn't it be more fun to do this with real wands and soapy water?" (source)



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