The Oobi Educational Tour was a live event based on the Oobi shorts. It was part of the North American Trade Show Tour in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It was open to visitors from June 2001 to 2002.


This event was an advertisement for the short-form episodes of Oobi, which started production about a year before. At the tour was a replica of the Oobi's house, complete with a sunflower display and a mailbox. Visitors could take a photo with the display and get info about the cable channel Noggin, which was new at the time. The event was advertised as Noggin Presents "Oobi" and was the only Noggin-themed attraction until "Club Noggin" in 2004.

The display was designed and built by Matthew Allar, a scenographer who worked for MTV and Nickelodeon in the early 2000s. He features a photo from the event on his website and lists it on his online resume.



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